It appears pretty ugly an individual refers to one Sapo, so that you recognize, if someone else calls one a Sapo, these people possibly dont want you present.

It appears pretty ugly an individual refers to one Sapo, so that you recognize, if someone else calls one a Sapo, these people possibly dont want you present.

Sample: Que people tan sapo(En) How nosy you’re.

Que maricada

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Truly accustomed make reference to things outrageous, silly or maybe not worthwhile.

Eg: ?Esta llorando por eso? Que maricada. (EN) do you think you’re sobbing concerning this? Thats dumb.


A Pichurria is a thing which is not rewarding, that’s unimportant.

Sample: Que regalo brown pichurria o que dude tan pichurria. (En) precisely what a dull gift or That man are a form of shit.

Colombian Jargon Hello

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As a traveler I favor shocking customers by knowing the much less formal methods to talk in Spanish.

Very in Cuba, we state los cuales bola? along with Mexico it is que pedo? as opposed to a formal hola or como estas?

In Colombia there are particular methods for greeting people who are relatively completely different from more Spanish-speaking region.

These are the Colombian Spanish hello:


It is vitally popular in Colombia, it really is a casual version and in fact is used with men and women you realize or relation.

Quihubo! Really an abbreviated and cougar dating apps Italy customized form of Que hubo, used as a conversation newbie. A

lthough whenever mentioning rapid, it appears more like a ?Quihubo!

Que mas

?Que mas? Which essentially indicates What else?, many Colombians use this a person to state Hi there, how’s it going?

This can be used greeting in a call, through WhatsApp or in individual.

In the event you add some pues at the end, like, ?Que mas pues? You certainly will seem really paisa, this is anyone of Medellin.


?Buenas! is one of typical strategy greeting when you arrive at an area in Colombia.

Buenas was an abbreviated version of Buenos dias/Buenas tardes/ Buenas noches, in Colombia you should only state Buenas!

It really is valid throughout the day, the mid-day or even the evening. They will almost certainly also answer back with a Buenas!

Como van las cosas

This form of greeting virtually means How tend to be matter going, it can be used through contact dialogue, WhatsApp or even in guy.

Its a sensible way to start a conversation since exact same issue attracts anyone to determine unique regarding what has recently took place.

Colombian Comments

Colombian guys are people who dont attention admiring a womans cosmetics and renting the are able to tell most loudy.

In the same manner uncover comments that’ll not of the same quality, many produce people smile, either since it is comical or since the female is absolutely flattered.

If youre a girl taking a trip in Colombia it is far better understand what individuals are catcalling.

About Ayngelina

Constantly fascinated regarding brink of being nosey, Ayngelina is aware that the entranceway to excellent discussions begins with delicacies. If she is quiet this is because she actually is thinking about the lady upcoming food.


I like this. Neighborhood jargon is among one of things that sounds very hard to grasp before being in destination. Thank you for the insider tips.

Camels & Dark Chocolate says

Oooh I really enjoy finding out slang on the road! The most popular currently is budgie smugglers (Speedos in Aussie). Although I talk Spanish, Ive never ever listened to several those sayings and would wish to put into practice chimba! (exclamation aim necessary) into the every day vocabularyfor the simple noises of this chemical i would add some, not it is definition! Virtually seems like you are lowering dress a tree: timber!

juan fierro says

If youre browsing use chimba only work with it with more detailed pals, it can’t be really polite, im Colombian furthermore.

Thanks so much your rule!

I recognized very quickly that Columbians do not use the diminutive as often since the folks in key the usa. Each time I would talk about ahorita for ahora or cervecita for cerveza, they would just smile at me personally and inform me that we chatted foolish Mexican Spanish.

Colombians generally consult very unmistakably, albeit noticeably faster than in central the usa. When you finally get down to Chile and Argentina, it’s a new ballgame.

Sorry, which improper. I live in Colombia and listening to -ita or -ica to the end of a word is quite usual here. Furthermore, this guide of valuable slang is really only a good choice for people who essentially write little to no Spanish. Any Spanish loudspeaker would quite easily read these terminology. There are thousands of expressions which happen to be particular to each Latin American country, but convince anybody vacationing, or moving to a Spanish-speaking nation to accomplish an instant search engines look to uncover what they’re.

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