The Horizon the most prominent gay online collection in this field.

The Horizon the most prominent gay online collection in this field.

No Shade

No color try an excellent LGBT layout dramedy website series within NYC which pursue lifespan of Noel Baptiste (David Brandyn), a gay specialist from Brooklyn, NY which ultimately pertains to grips with his sexuality and it is right now safe within his own epidermis.

During his self discovery his own 3 insane relatives, pub administrator Eric D. material (Terry Torro), Dance professor Kori Jacobs (Donnie DuRight) and transgender-female make-up artist Danielle Williams (Tamara M. Williams) go with your on his or her quest for romance, achievement and progress.

The Horizon

Ita€™s the most observed web series created using Aussie-land and so the plot is targeted on the lives and loves of Sydneya€™s gay/queer & alternate group.

Jake (Paul Layton) moves to Sydney to be with some guy he fulfilled on Manhunt and ends up with a broken cardio and a drag personification friend. The tv series is 7 times in and demonstrates no signs of quitting!

Queer Child Ideas

Queer Kid Stuff imagines a kinder and much more identical long term future through highly-accessible training and recreation for the children aged 3+.

Queer boy Stuff was an LGBTQ+ educational online collection for teenagers years 3+ managed by a tie-wearing queer woman, Lindsay, along with her non-binary best-stuffed good friend, Teddy. Sex Researches 101 satisfies Mr. Rodgersa€™ Local!

Crisis Queenz

Jeremiah Jones (Dane Joseph) is definitely a professional and satisfied resident of queen, ny. Any time Jeremiah gets an unnerving telephone call, his own morning seems to turn into a confusing and panicked haze. After Jeremiah becomes a move on it, literally, the audience is made aware of the next roommate Davis Roberts (Kristen-Alexzander Griffith) who is so alongside his or her Broadway fancy he can try it.

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Sorry to say, for our sons, those Broadway aspirations will need to hang around. Go into the 3rd roommate, Preston Mills III (Troy Valjean Rucker) exactly who supplies some overdo groceries therapies. Tiny will Preston understand his or her goals are only just as ill-fated as their roommates, it appears as though Preston should have preserved a cookie or six, for themselves! Look at exactly how these three close friends deal with daily life, appreciate and seeking their own aspirations into the urban area.


Satisfy Remy, Gavin, and David living in Atlanta discovering harmony inside their resides.

Remy has become individual for quite some time, but an unexpected run-in, may potentially alter his own fate

Love Sick The Program

Love-sick: The Series (Thai: a??a?±a??a?§a??a??a?™ a?§a?±a??a??a??a??a?™a??a??a?s), are a 2014 Thai LGBT performance directed by Andy and starring Kongyingyong Chonlathorn, Phumphothingam Nawat, Luangsodsai Anupart, Chindavanich Primrose, Charnmanoon Pannin and Paisarnkulwong Vachiravit.

It absolutely was recorded primarily in Thailand and English Subtitles are offered.

HARMFUL United States

Leta€™s notice they for any large men! Ita€™s no secret that description in mass media is vital, which happens to be exactly why HARMFUL USa€™s biggest champion Tanner Maxwell is really so nourishing! Secure, powerful and sassy a€“ Tanner try beneficial length homosexual fictional character that breaks or cracks the mold.

a€?we penned POOR US because Hollywood isna€™t crafting for simple fictional character type,a€? claims Jeremy Dozier a€“ compywriter, creator and celebrity from the award-winning MEDIOCRE US. a€?Every function we auditioned for either centered around body fat in some way or is safety Guard # 4. I needed most. Ita€™s about time larger men receive a character that they’ll root for and determine on their own in; one which isna€™t ashamed of themselves or sexuality.a€?

Doziera€™s state of the art part (Dozier had been called Best star at LA pants prizes earlier this calendar month) try boundary pushing. a€?I want to to learn a confident, robust weight homosexual characteristics; one thing hardly ever, if ever, watched,a€? says Dozier. a€?Growing upwards, we dona€™t remember watching me symbolized in mass media. Basically got, being released, visiting consideration in my muscles and finding out in which I easily fit in in gay society could have been easy.a€?

The creation of freely gay actor/comedian Jeremy Dozier (Dirty female, iCarly), HARMFUL mankind employs the story of two homosexual, fraternal dual brothers since they handle getting cut-off by the company’s filthy-rich daddy and try to fix their stays in nightmare, or as ita€™s best recognize: Van Nuys. Feel wide town matches Schitta€™s Creek, but gayer.

About Section 377

Area 377 regarding the penal rule in 42 past Brit colonies criminalizes all a€?unnaturala€? erectile functions such as homosexuality.

a€?All About part 377a€™ are a fictional tv show in which a straight man resides with two homosexual guys, and it’s geared towards teaching the public on problems associated with LGBT neighborhood in Asia.

Steam Area Reports

A success comedic homosexual website show which includes lots of very hot folks and no-holds-barred laughs.

Catch a bathroom towel and get in on the a lot of fun!

Terrible Gays

TERRIBLE GAYS is definitely a fresh gay web program drama that follows the everyday lives of a terrible homosexual partners, Maurice, and Kenny, in Dublin. Exactly what they are lacking chemistry and typical appeal, they make all the way up for in shared awfulness.

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